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Our Story

In over 20 years of experience, our team of experts noticed the difference between candidates who succeed and the ones who don't, and so far we've helped over 20,000 members get on the fast track to career success. We don't want you to have to figure out through trial and error what we've already perfected.

Not that long ago, one of our founding team members, Mark, was in a familiar situation for college students and recent grads—applying to hundreds of jobs the "regular way" and, despite having a great resume, hearing nothing back. Eventually Mark found a recipe for getting the attention of key employers, and now, at GiftedHire, he helps other people use the same process.

Nick Farina

Serial entrepreneur and master of networking.

Steve Loflin

Founder, one of the largest accredited honor societies in the U.S.

Kathy Sims

Former Director, UCLA Career Center.

Mark Kinner

Got hired the GiftedHire way—ask him how!

Corinne Walker

Army veteran, West Point graduate, operations extraordinaire.

Aaron Collegeman

Building you the career secret weapon you need.


What is GiftedHire?
GiftedHire is an early career launching platform. We can help you figure out your career path, show you how to secure the right internships and jobs, and how to get an advantage building your professional network.
Why does GiftedHire cost money?
GiftedHire is more than a website - it's a personalized help service. We provide real people available to help with your specific questions. Another reason is that we work for you, not sponsors, for the same reason your college charges you tuition rather than selling ad space in your classrooms. As an educational website, GiftedHire provides you with the resources you need to make unbiased career decisions and pursue the path that will make you happiest.
How is GiftedHire different from career centers or guidance counselors?
GiftedHire is a resource that can be used to supplement the career assistance you receive from your school guidance counselor or career center. It is not meant to replace those student resources, but rather to encourage users to utilize them more effectively. In fact, the former Director of the UCLA Career Center is on our team.
Is GiftedHire a job board?
No. We are an education platform that helps young people develop the competitive edge they need, because job boards are often ineffective. While GiftedHire does have a job board with a variety of internships and full-time positions, we are focused on offering tools and information to young candidates to assist them in career preparation, so they will be more competitive candidates for any internship or job on or off of our platform.
Who is already using GiftedHire?
We've helped 20,000 students and recent graduates get on the path to success. Hear from some of our members:
"Throughout the difficult job search I found solace with the GiftedHire team's help. They were kind and understanding and supported me with multiple applications for jobs listed on their site. I intend to continue consulting with the GiftedHire team when I'm ready for my next career move." - Stephanie, University of California, Berkeley
"As a college student, I felt that this would be great opportunity to get a head start in my career and to expand my options and my network. I set up my profile and easily uploaded my resume... this led to me landing the job for the exact position I had been striving for." - Leonid, Prince George's Community College
"I found out about GiftedHire through my honor society, and never thought that this type of help ever existed. I am so grateful for the support GiftedHire gave me, and with their advice I did an excellent job at the career fair. I received many internship offers, even though I had just started college!" - Natalia, University of Puerto Rico
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  • I found out about GiftedHire through NSCS, and never thought that this type of help ever existed. I am so grateful for the support GiftedHire gave me, and with their advice I did an excellent job at the career fair. I received many internship offers, even though I had just started college!
    Natalia, University of Puerto Rico